– Graphic not only for breeders.

My name is Lenka Polášková. I started interested in graphics in 2012 when I bought my first dog and then registered a kennel. I started taking photos and creating leaflets, then I added a website and logo. Because I am perfectionist and I like to learn new things, I have studied everything and started to work. Later there were questions about my work and requests to do something for my friends. I started painting various little things, my work was getting better and I fell into the magic of graphics ….

 I will be happy to create breeding graphics for you (such as leaflets for breeding individuals, leaflets for the upcoming mating or kennel presentation), original logo design not only for kennels, advertising and promotional materials (trick printing, mugs, fabrics, flyers and more) or even a simple website in a user friendly system with my web design.

In the section graphic work you can see some of my works. Or you can contact me directly with specific requirements by email